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Precision masonry and supply of the finest stone slabs.

At Bernini, we pride ourselves on our excellent quality stone slabs. Sourced from the finest quarries in Italy, Spain and 10 other countries around the world, no piece of stone is the same, making it impressive and unique.

Suited for a variety of applications, natural stone is versatile with extensive benefits, making it one of the most sought-after products for commercial and residential renovations.


  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Easy to clean
  • Low maintenance
  • Resilient – depending on the makeup of the stone; it may need to be sealed
  • Adds value to any property
  • Long lasting

All these benefits make it easy to enjoy a space with a beautifully stylish edge, which requires minimal maintenance. In addition, our stone products are affordable and will save you money because they don’t need to be replaced as often as other materials, which means your property will look great, even years from now.

Years down the line, natural stone will continue to add value to your property, so the next step is to choose the right product. Visit our showroom in Subiaco and take a look at the many beautiful natural stones that we have on offer:

  • Marble slabs

Marble is a high-class, stylish stone that has been used for centuries dating back to the ancient Romans and Greeks. Used indoors and out, marble comes in various levels of hardness and can be applied in a wide range of settings. Slabs will need to be sealed for some applications and certain finishes can be applied; just chat to our team who are on hand to assist.

  • Limestone slabs

A sedimentary rock made up of shell fragments, corals and organic materials, limestone has a pearly appearance that ages well over time. It’s easily adaptable to architectural styles and can be cut, shaped, sandblasted, brushed and chiseled to create different finishes.

It’s a soft stone that is easy to work with, but only suitable for certain decor applications. Please visit our showroom where our staff will advise you accordingly. Our stonemasons have turned limestone slabs into beautiful products, and we will do everything to accommodate your needs.

  • Travertine slabs

An elegant stone that is formed in hot springs, travertine slabs have subtle patterns and the basic composition of either marble or limestone. They come finished in various styles and are perfectly suited for flooring, walls and countertops. Cut to various styles and at particular angles such as cross cut or vein cut, this stone has natural cavities that can be filled to create a smooth finish; or you can choose to keep this feature.

Sandstone products are made up of sand and rock fragments found along the waterways, resulting in slabs that are soft but durable at the same time. The material can be manipulated for interior and exterior applications, allowing you to create a stylish border around your pool, give your living room a great new feature wall, or clad the outside of your office or restaurant.

Sandstone can also be chiseled, honed, sandblasted or polished according to your requirements, and is available in various colours and sizes.

  • Granite slabs

Granite is a great building material that is strong, stain and heat resistant and available in a variety of colours and patterns. It needs to be surface sealed ensuring it is resilient and easy to maintain. A popular choice for kitchen and bar benchtops.

  • Onyx slabs

Primarily used for decorative purposes, Onyx slabs are soft and easily scratched because of their fragile makeup of small crystals. Mother Nature grows these beauties in the darkness of caves where the Onyx patterns develop. Showcasing a mixture of exquisite veined stones in different colours, these slabs need to be filled or sealed to ensure they retain their natural character.

  • Quartzite slabs

Known as non-foliated rocks, quartzite slabs are extremely durable and can be honed, polished and brushed. This natural stone has many uses and can be used as cladding, staircases and flooring. Similar in hardness to granite and stain resistant, it’s a highly versatile material.

Choose one or more of our stone products in their natural state, or order them with stunning finishes that bring out the rich depth and beauty of each stone. Our skilled stonemasons can apply the following finishes:

  • Flaming

An oxyacetylene flame is passed over the slab rupturing the surface to create this effect. Stones are heated to the extreme and then rapidly cooled, which creates stress and causes the stone to chip. This produces an unrefined finish, often applied to granite, and is required to create non-slip surfaces.

  • Honing

This is essentially the last stage of refinement, just before polishing. It produces a matte finish that brings out the unique characteristics of each stone.

  • Brushed

This creates the sought-after aged look. The natural stone surface is brushed causing a worn look. The best results are achieved on darker coloured stones.

  • Bush hammered

A hand tool is used to tap the face of the natural stone, texturizing it and creating a rough surface, which is perfect for adhesion to walls and floors. Applicable to all stones, it can be combined with a brushed finish, which is sometimes preferred over flaming.

  • Polishing

The last stage of complete refinement. The polishing technique enhances the natural beauty of a stone when it’s buffed to a full gloss. This method gives natural stone a sought-after elegance and sophistication that reveals its richness and depth.

  • Sandblasted

Using a high-pressure jet, sand particles are blasted onto the surface of the stone, creating a smooth, minimally abrasive surface. This somewhat dulls the colour of the stone, but produces a stylish matte finish that is popular on walls.

  • Chiseled

A technique that can be used on any of our natural stone products, the chiseled method produces a rough surface that is reminiscent of the ancient stones used centuries ago. Our stonemasons create rough finishes that are full of character and ideal for wall features and cladding.

Visit our showroom in Subiaco and chat to our staff about your requirements. We pride ourselves on service excellence and endeavor to provide superior stone slabs to all our customers.

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