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Naturally stylish Stone paving

Bernini Stone & Tiles is synonymous with superior style, quality service, and premium natural stone paving sourced from around the world. Reflecting their countries of origin, our products are beautiful, rich in colour, and all have unique characteristics that complement the exteriors of commercial and residential properties in Perth.

Shaped and finished for functionality and style, Bernini’s natural stone paving is trusted for durability, and embraced for its versatility. Used in various landscaping and stone projects, travertine, granite, basalt and limestone paving are the natural alternatives to concrete-based products.
Add visual appeal to your home

Beautifully crafted by our stonemasons, each paving stone has inherently unique qualities that are further revealed in the smooth or rough finishing stages. This part of the process is what allows the stone paving to add visual appeal to your pathway, driveway, pool paving, landscaping, feature walls and courtyards. You can create a whole new designer space of sophistication, elegance and style with these naturally impressive paving stones:

Travertine paving

The Colosseum was made almost entirely out of travertine, and it’s still standing; a testament to the durability of this incredible stone.

Naturally porous with a non-slip surface, travertine is considered ideal for pools, patios, decking and alfresco areas where staff unwind, or at home where there is a lot of barefoot traffic during the warmer months. The heat-resistant quality of the lighter stones makes travertine paving ideal for summer in Perth.

Granite paving

It’s the stone of choice for landscapers, architects and contractors thanks to its exceptional hardiness and beauty. All natural stones are inherently different, even when they’re from the same family, which is why granite comes in an array of patterns and colours. Choose between white, mauve, pink and black stones, all finished to suit your aesthetic requirements.

Visit our Subiaco-based showroom where you can see the many shapes and patterns that granite has to offer. If you prefer a unique style, our stonemasons can create bespoke designs that will make your property stand out.

Basalt paving

A beautiful raw stone, with rich patterns and sharp lines that give it an understated sophistication. Basalt paving stones are used for cobbled pathways, driveways and steps, and they are commonly seen in London lanes in a cobbled form.

Normally sawn and flamed, the commonly charcoal-grey or black basalt paving can also be honed to a smooth finish that creates beautiful paving. It’s an elegant addition to any garden, commercial building or residential property.

Limestone paving

A crisp stone that is used largely in landscape structures, the versatility of limestone allows it to be used for interior flooring, patios, fireplaces and decking, and in many commercial applications. Used extensively in hotels, restaurants, hospitals and shopping centres, limestone can be shaped and finished for your decorative and functional requirements.


Bernini paving stones are considered a must-have item for residential and commercial properties in Perth. The natural makeup of these stones offers many benefits, from moisture resistance – some stones require sealants – and durability, to minimal maintenance and easy cleaning.

In addition to their benefits, they keep their shape and colour for a lifetime, while their timeless beauty continues to add value to your property.

Bernini Tiles & Stones selects only the finest paving stones and supplies for our list of clients, which includes homeowners, business people and the city’s leading developers, architects and interior designers.

Contact us today or visit our showroom in Subiaco where you can view our extensive range of paving, feel the textures, see the shapes, and get an idea of how Bernini will work for you.

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