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Natural and organic finishes with Basalt

Basalt is a class of igneous rock known as Volcanic or extrusive and results from magma, (liquid volcanic matter), reaching the surface as Lava.

Due to proximity to the surface, basalt cools fast resulting in a stone that is much more porous than granite, taking a lower level of polish and being vulnerable to acidic attack from alcohol or orange juice. Basalt is generally black, grey or charcoal in colour but may include a variety of characteristics including veins, groups of holes, often referred to as ‚”úcats paws”, consistent pin holes or a perforated appearance, brown shading due to oxidization or iron content and in some cases white calcium inclusions.

While considered less practical than granite as a choice of black stone, basalt is still highly sought after as a more natural and organic finish to contrast against the slick and perfect finish of today’s high tech building products. Of particular interest is the suitability of Basalt for a wide variety of surface finishes, making it functional as an outdoor or landscaping material Range of applications is wide including cladding, tiles, pavers, bench tops, street furniture and curb stones.

Grigio Osiris Basalt
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